Fife & Forfar Yeomanry badge
Fife & Kinross Full-bore Rifle Club

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AGM attendeesAGM

Pentagonal TeamPentagonal team
PMcLaughlin, HFox, BWoodroffe, RKuznetsov, MBarlow
lead score F/Tr
(for West Atholl!)



sight half way to F-class?

Muzzle loading?Muzzle loading?


DGladwin Swantson TrophyDGaldwin
Tr. Grand Agg.
Swanston Trophy
Grand Agg.


De-leaded backstop

The BSA arranged that the backstop be de-leaded.  This was the first time this author had seen that done in the 30+ years he has been shooting at Blairadam.  Some ball park figures; 2014 F&K averaged 11 attendees, and each would shoot about 34 rounds.  So that would be about 400 rounds, 10 grammes per shot, equals 4000grammes, i.e. 4k.  Next if F&K's 12 shoots is representative of all clubs, then that would be 28kg/per year (over all targets)

Deleaded backstopAll de-leaded


Commonwealth Games

Barry Buddon 900FP900 FP
900 FP

900 FP

900 FP

900 FP

M.Barton, J.Bell, J.MilnerM.Barton, J.Bell
& J.Milner
help to officiate

Finlux & Pentagonal

E.Rogers, P.McLaughlinE.Rogers, P.McLaughlin
& P.Baxter (absent)
Tr/F trophy

& H.Hunter (SRA)

D.Gladwin, R.Gow & R.Thomson

D.Gladwin, R.Gow & R.Thomson


& H.Hunter (SRA)

E.Rogers with Tr/F trophy

E.Rogers receives the Tr/F trophy


Prizes presented by G.Falls (Honorary member)

MBarlow RKutzenov

M.Barlow & R.Kuteznov.



G.Falls R.Gow









F-open Pairs competition







B.Woodroffe, D.Gladwin, P.Hunt

B.Woodroffe, D.Gladwin, P.Hunt

J.Potter & Swantson Trophy

J.Potter and Swanston Trophy.

K.Nangle with the Lindsay salver

K.Nangle gets the Lindsay salver


Medal from Raton NM

P.Crosbie  Team medal from Raton NM (USA).

Target 2

BSA rejuvenated target
frame 2

Target 2

BSA rejuvenate target frame 2

Target 2 - again

BSA rejuvenate target frame 2

Another bull?

Another bull?

MBarlow - Hopton

with the [MR]
Hopton trophy.

Pentagonal & Finlux

R.Kutzenov @ 900

R.Kutzenov first time @ 900x

Psyching up

H.Fox psyching up

PHunt lifts the Finlux

P.Hunt (captain) lifts the Finlux.

MBarlow lifts the Pentagonal

M.Barlow coached all day to lift the Pentagonal

KNangle shoots for WARC



D.Taylor makes out after a period away.

Dreaming spires

Dreaming spires?

Does not work at 900

And it works at 900x too?


Oz-member D.Gladwin pays us a visit.

BWoodorfe @ 900

B.Woodroffe struggles at 900x



And this is what we did

... and this is what we did.

Pentagonal winners

Pentagonal winners

Finlux winners

P.Hunt (captain) & the Finlux.


FOpen champion R.Gow

H.Fox presents F/Open champion R.Gow

F-open Grand Agg. - P.Sandie

TrF Champion

TrF Championship - P.Crosbie

TrF Champion

TrF Grand Agg. P.Crosbie

TrF Grand Agg.

Tr Champion - B.Woodroffe

Tr Champion

TR Grand Agg. B.Woodroffe

Tr Grand Agg.

At lunch


Members (left)

Members (L)

Members (R)

Members (R)



Pitbauchlie Hotel


PeterS's protegees

Peter S's protegees, follow this link

RobinG & PeterH

Finlux winners RobinG & PeterH


John-P was rumoured to have shot F/Tr, but no photo is available, hence this of Dark side of the moon.

4th F-class championships, 1st place team

4th F class championships 1st place

Howard & Ed

Howard & Ed

Graeme & Bobby

Graeme & Bobby

a bee


more bee

more wildlife


yet more ...

2452 (Shawlands) ATC

Peter S helps out with 2452 (Shawlands) ATC.  Here is their haul from Bisley 2011.

The silver Wellington bomber is called The Air Gunners Trophy; it was presented by the men of the Air Gunners Association (all their members flew with Bomber Command as Air Gunners) to the Air cadets for competition at their annual Pre-Bisley training Camp. This is the top ten teams, who have an extra week's practice just before Bisley. This year the match was the aggregate of scores on the Wed at 300,500 and 600 yards. We got it by a single point.

The Frankfort Shield is one of the two big team prizes at the ISCRM Meeting at Bisley. One now has to beat nearly 50 ATC teams, all the Army Cadet Force and of course the Navy/Marine cadets. It is the aggregate of a match at 300 and then 500yds. This year there was a three way tie at the top and luckily we had more V's then the other two teams.


Brian & Joe

Brian & Joe

F-open Champion

F-Open Champion



Howard Graeme Robin

Howard, Graeme, Robin

Joe, Mike, Peter

Joe, Mike, Peter

Robbie, Marion, George

Robbie, Marion, George

Paul TrF champion

TrF Champion

Theresa, Robbie

Theresa, Robbie

Tr Chhampion

Tr Champion

Tr GA winner

Tr GA winner




Hay making takes precedence

Hay making takes precedence.

The secretary takes a break.

The secretary takes a break

The armourer and Paul Sandie take a break

G.Falls & Paul Sandie

Russell Middleton

Russell Middleton

John Jongshaw

John Longshaw

F&K did win once, Falls, Brown, MacMillan, Gladwin

G.Falls, J.Brown, T.Macmillan, D.Gladwin with the Pentagonal!

Bobby marking @ 500

Bobby marking @ 500

For how it is done, or rather how Chris Evans [BBC DJ] did it at Bisley follow
this BBC link

2009 AGM

Ed Rogers TR/F

cleaned up

Mike Barlow & Blairadam bowl

Blairadam bowl
from R.Taylor

P Sandie F-open

cleaned up

P Crosbie & 2 double possibles

scored a double-poss twice

AGM attendees

AGM attendees

E.Rogers M.Barlow G.Falls P.Hunt H.Fox R.Gow J.Wilson P.Sandie J.Potter R.Taylor P.Crosbie R.Middleton A.Hay D.Parr E.Jones
+[B.Woodroffe camera] 


Novemeber makes it a grim day

Robin and John find it raw

Last shoot of the season; 4 minutes of wind

Season's last  shoot; November; 4 minutes of wind

Field mouse at 500 yards.

A new resident of the 500 yards firing point.

New rsident of the 500 yard firing point.

And a second photograph.

1862 medal winners.

A USA visitor who was researching his family tree, passed on a copy of the following plaque that was on a Henry-Martini rifle. Note the date!

Fife Forfar Yeomanry cap badge.

The cap badge of the Fife & Forfar Yeomanry. For the regiment's history see this book.

1, .22LR, 223R, 308W ammunition

The ammunition we use, as compared with a 1-00 coin and .22LR smallbore ammunition. The smaller is 223-Remington [5.56NATO] with 75 grain Hornady AMax (non-expanding) projectile. The larger is 308-Winchester [7.62NATO] with a 155 grain Sierra Match King projectile.  They are very similar balistically. F-open ammuntion is usually 6.5mm and more akin in size to the 308W.

The new wind fals at 300 yard point.

 A new wind flag at the 300 yard FP.

RGow shoots at 500 yards; notice target and top tanger flag

R Gow at 500 yard FP; see the target? See the top danger flag? [The target is enhanced]

E Rogers about to mark 500 yard target.

E Rogers about to mark 500 yard target. F open shoot for the white disc.

Halfway to the top danger flag

Halfway up to the top danger flag.

View of the range from the top

The view from the top. The 500 FP is just over trees, central by the cars.

Shooting an F-open rifle

All kitted up with an F-open rifle. Notice the precision front rest.

A modern TR rifle [Notice: bolt out]

A modern TR rifle [Notice: bolt out.]

Halfway to the top danger flag

A .303 P14; still accurate.

F & K members at Bisley

F & K members at Bisley
( c ) 762_AK @

AGM 2008 prize giving

B Woodroffe (sec./treas. etc) presented the prizes.

Mike Barlow

The F&K medal struck.

Mike Barlow

M Barlow; TR(A) Grand Aggregate

Mike Barlow

J Wilson; TR-F GA & Champion

Bill Young

W Young; TR(B) Champion

Stephen Thompson

S Thompson; F(B) Grand Aggregate

Robbie Taylor

R Taylor; TR(A) Champion

Robin Gow

R Gow; QII winner

Paul Crosbie

P Crosbie; F(A) Champion

Howard Fox

H Fox; TR(B) Grand Aggregate

Paul Sandie

P Sandie; F(A) Grand Aggregate




USA Goodwill team.

USA goodwill team

K&K and USA goodwill team

F&K hosts USA F-class goodwill team

USA F-class Goodwill team

USA goodwill team

AGM 2005 prize giving

Mrs Taylor presented the prizes, for the 2005 season.

Andy Rogerson

A Rogerson; B class medal

R Robertson, F-class 200 yards medal

R Robertson; F class 200 yards medal

B Woodroffe; TR 200 yards medal

B Woodroffe; TR class 200 yards medal

D Gladwin

D Gladwin; Club champion

G Falls; F class verterans

G Falls; F class veterans

J Brown & D Gladwin

J Brown, D Gladwin

M Barlow; X class

M Barlow; X class

J Potter & D Gladwin; pairs

J Potter, D Gladwin; Tom Walker pairs

P Crosbie

P Crosbie; F class pairs


H Fox @ 500; GA in November.

H Fox & G Dow tackling 500yds on last GA shoot Nov 20

F class; G Falls @ 500 yards

F Class - G Falls at 500yds on last GA shoot Nov 20

Misty morning

Misty November morning at Blairadam Range

A robin resident @ 500 yards

Our resident Robin living around the 500yd point

M Barlow lifts silver at the SRA meeting

M Barlow (F&K Member) - 2005 SRA TR Champion

D Parr lifts silver @ SRA meeting

D Parr (F&K Member) - 2005 SRA F Class Champion

Winning Pentagonal team

Pentagonal 2005 Winning Team - Fife & Kinross 878v101


Championship, final stage

Final stage of Club Championship 500yd firing point

Championship, 3rd stage

Championship 3rd stage

Fog obscures all beyond 300 FP

Shoot cancelled due to fog (you can just make out the 300yd point!)


Finlux winners

Finlux winners:
BWoodroffe RTaylor DGladwin MBarlow JBrown WYoung

M Barlow's son - next years winner?

M Barlow with next year's Top Shooter.

E Jones lifts the prize

E Jones; Club Champion, the Blairadam Bowl; Club President R Taylor

D Parr; F-class

D Parr showing us how it is done in F' Clas

GA2 @ 500x

Second Shoot of the season 500yd firing point

P Crosbie; 150v30

P Crosbie; 150v30


Mrs Rhouma presented the prizes.

The silverware

The silverware

G Falls; F Class Pairs Handicap winners (D Wood)

Robbie Taylor; Grand Agg Class A Lindsay Salver

Eddie Jones

Eddy Jones; F&K Club Champion 2002

Ed Rogers

E Rogers; Class B Championship Silver Medal

Jim Brown

J Brown; Astor Tankard Individual Handicap

Joe Wilson

J Wilson; F&K Grand Agg F' Class (Again)

Brian Woodroffe

B Woodroffe; Tom Walker Pairs Handicap pairs (D Brown)

Dave Wood

D Wood; F' Class Individual Handicap

Shooting through barrels

Through the barrels

1996, 1995 

Dave Wildridge and son

Dave Wildridge
& son

Jim Brown, long time secretary

Jim Brown
long time secretary [1995]


F&K winners of Finlux/TSS

Finlux/TSS winners
DWood, BWoodroffe, DGladwin, JBrown, RTaylor, Alan?


Bob Petfield,
George Falls,
Brian Woodroffe:
Note pre acoustic fence

AGM attendees

AGM attendees


Tim McMillan

Tim McMillan
[past secretary]
presented the prizes at the AGM

J Wilson, K Scott

Joe Wilson,
Ken Scott

Joe Wilson, Peter Smith

Peter Smith,
Joe Wilson


Alistair Munro, Dave Gladwin

AMunro, DGladwin.
The captain finds out how the F&K team fare.

Auld Alec

Auld Alec about to do his party piece.

Joe Wilson, Peter Smith

Brian Woodroffe
at a dry shoot

Joe Wilson, Peter Smith

Carol Brown
at a wet shoot.

Championship attendees

Championship attendees

Ed, Alan, George in the van.

George Falls, Ed Rogers & Alan Swinton

Ken Scott

Ken Scott

JBrown presents Tom Walker to Carol Brown & Eddie Jones

AGM: Jim presents the Tom Walker to Carol Brown & Eddie Jones



GFalls CBrown JPotter CYoung RTaylor ASwinton ISimpson ??? BWoodroffe JBrown DTaylor? ERogers


F&K Finlux team
GFalls JBrown BWoodroffe RTaylor PSmith DTaylor

MRs Taylor presents prizes at AGM; Charles Young

AGM: Mrs Taylor presented the prizes; this one to Charles Young


George and message 9

George considered a new solution for those message 9s!

AGM: Rear:- RTaylor, GFalls, DTaylor?, Alan?, DGladwin, BWoodroffe, ISimpson, DWood, JWilson.
Front:- Mrs TFalls CBrown Mrs MGaldwin, JBrown

Another AGM
Another AGM, Mrs Rogers presents the prizes; this time JPotter

1990 AGM
Mrs M Rogers presented the prizes, this time
J Potter

1987 Championship:- D.Timothy, B.Woodroffe, G.Falls, J.Potter, D.Gladwin, A.Allan, E.Rogers, E.Findlayson, T.McMillan, J.Brown, G.Clarke

1987 Championship

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