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Results 2005

Grand Aggregate
TR CLASS Note Best six to count.
X M Barlow       148v19     143v11 146v15 147v13 146v18 147v18 150v24 884v107
X B Woodroffe 143v14   145v12 148v15 141v14 143v14 141v14 144v9 136v9 136v11 145v13   868v77
A J Potter 141v15 136v9 133v7   144v16 142v15   141v13   142v16 145v11 144v13 858v86
A D Gladwin 145v17 132v7 135v6 134v15   141v11 139v14 146v14 136v16 142v10     849v82
A D Brown 137v11 135v8   145v9   138v10 131v7 140v13     136v8 144v11 840v62
X R Taylor 143v11   141v10 138v8   138v11 135v7 136v8 139v8 132v11 137v9 836v57
B A Rogerson 124v6 106v3 121v3 124v4 128v5 125v4     128v2   122v6 126v3 755v24
B G Dow 114v3 108v1 115v1 NR   125v2   120v0 113v2 107v1 139v7 726v15
B H Fox 100v3 107v3 100v2 106v1 109v1 95v1 105v4 117v4 121v5 119v4 117v3   690v20
B E Rogers         126v2   119v6 112v1   114v3     471v12
X E Jones             113v10     141v13 NR 148v12 422v35
A P Smith         137v9 142v13             279v22
B R Petfield           132v5             132v05
X W Young Shot in Pentagonal
F P Crosbie 148v21 NR   150v29 150v24     150v28 149v27 150v29 150v29   899v166
F R Robertson 148v25 142v20   150v27 150v28 148v23 149v23 150v24 148v22 149v19 146v19 150v27 898v148
F P Hunt 150v25 142v18   143v17 150v24     149v21 147v18   150v23 150v26 896v137
F P Sandie 150v27 144v15 150v23 149v25 149v27 147v19     148v21 147v21 149v26   893v144
F D Parr 147v24   148v22 150v25 149v21 147v21   149v20   149v24 146v20   892v136
F G Falls     147v20 144v18 150v23 142v10 143v13 145v14     148v20 148v15 886v108
F J McKee 148v21   149v20   146v17 145v15 146v18     141v15 149v22   884v113
F J Wilson 143v13 145v24 140v18   141v15 146v20 146v16 150v25         871v113
F D Rhouma 144v15   139v7 147v21 128v15     140v10 145v22   148v14 143v21 867v103
F J Campbell   85v6 94v5     138v11 123v12 129v6 130v10 136v11     750v055
F A Hay 145v22 148v18 142v13       145v17 141v12         721v082
F G Flemming 142v15   150v22                   292v037
F R Gow             144v14       141v14   285v028
F D Wood 144v14       126v6             75v8 201v014
F I Wood 144v14                       144v014
MR J Brown     144v9                   144v009
F D Wildridge                       73.9 73v009
F&K Club Championship 2005
  Class Award Score
D Gladwin TR-A Club Champion 247v30
D Gladwin TR-A A Class Medal 247v30
E Rogers TR-B B Class Medal 203v07
P Crosbie F Club Champion 255v49
B Woodroffe TR 200yd Medal 84v12
R Robertson F 200yd Medal 85v17

Pentagonal / Finlux

Other competitions

Tom Walker (handicap pairs) trophy
TR Score Handicap Total Pair's Total Place
D Gladwin 142v10 6 148v10 297v26 1st
J Potter 142v16 7 149v16
M Barlow 146v18 3 149v18 294v22 2nd
H Fox 119v4 26 145v4
E Jones 141v13 5 146v13 276v16 3rd
E Rogers 114v3 16 130v3
B Woodroffe 136v11 5 141v11 268v12 4th
G Dow 107v1 20 127v1

F class (pairs) handicap trophy
F Score Handicap Total Pair's Total Place
P Crosbie 150v29 0 150v29 298v40 1st
J Campbell 136v11 12 148v11
D Parr 149v24 1 150v24 293v39 2nd
J McKee 141v15 2 143v15
R Robertson 149v19 1 150v19 150v19 3rd
G Falls NR 3 NR

Astor individual handicap trophy
TR Score Handicap Total Place
B Woodroffe 145v12 5 150v12 1st
R Taylor 141v10 6 147v10 2nd
D Gladwin 135v6 6 141v6 3rd
J Potter 133v7 5 138v7 4th
A Rogerson 121v3 15 136v3 5th
G Dow 115v1 19 134v1 6th
H Fox 100v2 27 127v2 7th

F class Millenium shield
F Score Handicap Total Place
G Flemming 150v22 5 155v22 1st
P Sandie 150v27 2 152v27 2nd
D Parr 148v22 1 149v22 3rd
J Brown 144v9 5 149v9 4th
G Falls 144v18 2 146v18 5th
A Hay 142v13 2 144v13 6th
D Rhouma 139v7 3 142v7 7th
J Wilson 140v18 2 142v18 8th
J Campbell 85v6 10 95v6 9th
J McKee NR      

1st Fife & Kinross 500X 900X TOTAL
M.Barlow 75.09 75.10 150.19
D.Gladwin 74.08 73.05 147.13
B.Woodroffe 74.09 69.05 143.14
R.Taylor 72.09 70.05 142.14
F-Class D.Parr 75.13 75.12 150.25
F-Class J.Brown 72.06 74.10 146.16
D.Brown 69.04 68.04 137.08
W.Young 69.05 67.02 136.07

2nd West of Scotland 500X 900X
R.Scaglione 74.10 75.10 149.20
H.Hunter 73.08 73.08 146.16
A.Mabon 75.07 71.05 146.12
M.Barton 75.11 69.05 144.16
J.Potter 74.11 69.05 143.16
F-Class A.MacPherson 73.09 74.08 147.17
R.Simpson 71.05 69.04 140.09

J.MacDonald 64.03 70.06 134.09
F-Class C.Young 69.09 61.04 130.13
3rd East of Scotland 500X 900X
L.Moore 73.07 75.06 148.13
C.Aitken 74.09 70.08 144.17
P.Law 72.07 70.03 142.10
T.Rowntree 70.08 71.06 141.14
R.Aitken 69.03 71.04 140.07
F-Class M.Park 75.14 70.04 145.18
D.Bannister 66.01 66.03 132.04

4th Tayside 500X 900X TOTAL
R.Scott 68.05 74.10 142.15
K.Baxby 69.05 70.05 139.10
I.Connacher 64.02 62.05 136.07
J.Adamson 62.02 72.07 134.09
F-Class J.Bell 75.15 75.12 150.27
S.Nicoll 66.09 73.09 139.18
A.Munro 68.00 58.02 126.02

5th Aberdeen and North 500X 900X
J.Gaskell 72.05 71.03 143.08
J.McRae 70.06 71.05 141.11
M.Joyce 70.04 71.05 141.09
A.Lang 68.02 72.04 140.06
F-Class T.Kidner 73.06 57.04 130.10
F-Class D.Lury 61.01 69.03 130.04



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