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Results 2004

Grand Aggregate
X E Jones 136v9 134v8 145v15 143v11 139v11   146v19   139v16 149v22 139v10 147v17 143v13 873v97
X B Woodroffe 138v12   144v16 144v12 142v11 137v11 138v6 140v14 138v8 148v19 138v7 142v12 138v11 860v84
X R Taylor 144v11 N/R 143v13 140v14 142v10 143v11 144v8   136v4 141v15 138v8     857v68
X J Brown 138v15 136v9 142v12 138v7 142v13 142v9     N/R 145v12   141v11 143v14 855v71
X D Gladwin     141v11 144v9 136v11 143v15   136v3 143v10     142v12 139v13 852v70
X J Potter 138v15 136v12 139v12 139v17 142v16   145v15   139v10 144v16 N/R   142v10 851v86
A D Brown 128v7     141v9 137v8 140v8           136v9 138v4 820v45
B G Dow   107v2 127v7 125v6 119v2       111v1 111v2 112v1     705v19
B H Fox 108v3 117v4 105v1 114v5 102v2 107v2 109v4 42v0* 94v0 113v4 103v1 110v0 116v1 679v18
B E Rogers   N/R   134v6     132v4     128v9 132v04 128v2   654v25
X M Barlow                 142v13 148v19   147v17 139v12 576v61
B I Wood N/R 92v1 116v6 111v4     138v10   118v3         575v24
A P Smith   131v4     127v8 142v11 135v12             535v35
B S Dixon N/R 114v4     118v7   122v6   121v4         475v21
B R Petfield                   119v5       119v5
F R Robertson 149v20 142v20 150v29   145v18 149v24 149v24 145v22   149v26 145v15 150v25   896v148
F P Crosbie 147v23 144v18 147v24   148v24 149v25     148v14 150v21 148v19   150v29 893v132
F P Hunt 145v19   149v24 150v27 145v20 143v17 145v13 147v17 146v19 148v24 147v23 148v27 150v23 892v148
F G Falls   143v13   146v21 143v20 149v21 148v23 146v14 147v20   N/R 148v22 148v16 886v123
F J Wilson   143v16 147v12   142v9         150v18 140v18 149v23 148v18 879v96
F D Rhouma 143v14     147v16 144v12     143v15 139v11 147v18       863v86
F D Parr 147v22   150v29     150v23 149v20           147v24 743v118
F P Sandie   119v1           147v18 142v13   147v18   150v29 555v50
F D Wood N/R 139v9   141v9 141v9           142v15     705v79
F M Barlow 141v12 143v18 150v22                     434v52
F A Hay                 144v17     148v20 145v18 437v55
F I Wood                     119v3 142v18 145v16 406v37
F D Wildridge   141v15                       141v15
F H Fox               71v7*           71v7
* one detail
TR Class Q1 Agg Q2 Agg 200yd Medal Championship
M Barlow X 104v15 148v17 84v12 252v32
E Jones X 103v13 147v21 81.11 250v34
B Woodroffe A 103v13 147v18 83.11 250v31
J Potter A 102v12 143v16 81v10 245v28
J Brown A 101v9 142v14 79v9 243v23
R Taylor X 99v9 138v10 77v4 237v19
E Rogers B 87v7 129v7 72v5 216v14
R Petfield B 83v7 121v4 67v6 204v11
G Dow B 87v4 116v1 71v4 203v5
H Fox B 74v2 109v5 56v3 183v7
F-class Class Q1 Agg Q2 Agg 200yd Medal Championship
P Crosbie F 105v16 150v24 85v17 255v40
R Robertson F 104v14 150v29 85v15 254v43
P Hunt F 105v17 149v24 85v14 253v41
J Wilson F 104v13 149v23 85v15 253v36
D Rhouma F 102v13 148v20 84v15 250v33
Astor & F-class handicap
ASTOR Individual Handicap Trophy
TR Score H/Cap TOTAL Place
B Woodroffe 142v11 6 148v11 1st
J Potter 142v16 5 147v16 2nd
J Brown 142v13 5 147v13 3rd
R Taylor 142v10 4 146v10 4th
E Jones 139v11 5 144v11 5th
D Brown 137v8 7 144v8 6th
D Gladwin 136v11 5 141v11 7th
S Dixon 118v7 19 137v7 8th
P Smith 127v8 9 136v8 9th
G Dow 119v2 16 135v2 10th
H Fox 102v2 24 126v2 11th
F' Class Score H/Cap TOTAL Place
P Crosbie 148v24 1 149v24 1st
R Robertson 145v18 2 147v18 2nd
P Hunt 145v20 1 146v20 3rd=
G Falls 143v20 3 146v20 3rd=
D Rhouma 144v12 2 146v12 4th
D Wood 141v9 4 145v9 5th
J Wilson 142v9 2 144v9 6th
Tom Walker & F-class pairs
Tom Walker (Pairs) Handicap Trophy
Score H/Cap TOTAL Pairs Total Place
J Potter 142v10 5 147v10 293v23 1st
D Gladwin 139v13 6 145v13
E Jones 143v13 3 146v13 292v17 2nd
D Brown 138v4 8 146v4
B Woodroffe 138v11 5 143v11 291v25 3rd
J Brown 143v14 5 148v14
M Barlow 139v12 3 142v12 286v13 4th
H Fox 116v1 28 144v1
F Class (Pairs) Handicap Trophy
Score H/Cap TOTAL Pairs Total Place
D Parr 147v24 0 147v24 305v40 1st
I Wood 145v16 13 158v16
P Crosbie 150v29 1 151v29 304v53 2nd
P Sandie 150v24 3 153v24
P Hunt 150v23 1 151v23 302v39 3rd
G Falls 148v16 3 151v16
J Wilson 148v18 3 151v18 299v36 4th
A Hay 145v18 3 148v18
1st Fife & Kinross 500yds 900yds Total Counting
Scores Total
  P.Crosbie (F) 75.15 75.13 150.28 150.28
  D.Rhouma (F) 75.10 75.12 150.22 150.22
  D.Parr (F) 75.10 73.8 148.18  
  D.Gladwin 74.9 70.5 144.14 144.14
  M.Barlow 74.11 69.5 143.16 143.16
  J.Brown 69.7 69.4 138.11 138.11
  R.Taylor 69.4 67.4 136.8 136.8
  D.Brown 66.2 69.3 135.5  
  W.Young 66.3 66.1 132.4  
  Total Counting Scores 861.99
2nd West of Scotland       851.78
3rd Tayside       850.68
4th East of Scotland       843.66
5th Aberdeen & North       827.65
2nd Fife & Kinross 500yds 900yds Total Counting
Scores Total
  P.Crosbie (F) 75.10 75.9 150.19 150.19
  M.Barlow 74.7 74.8 148.15 148.15
  P.Hunt (F) 72.8 75.8 147.16 147.16
  D.Gladwin 74.8 70.7 144.15 144.15
  B.Woodroffe 70.7 70.7 140.11 140.11
  W.Young 70.9 70.2 140.11 140.11
  J.Brown 72.7 68.3 140.10  
  R.Taylor 72.6 68.3 140.9  
  Total Counting Scores 869.87
1st West of Scotland 874.94
3rd West Atholl    
4th Aberdeen & North     862.84
5th East of Scotland     829.60
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