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Last update  26 November 2018
A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition. - Rudyard Kipling
Everybody knew Anybody could do it, and was sure Somebody would do it, so Nobody did do it, and Everybody was upset! - Charles Osgood (adapted)
Three Spaniards, four opinions - proverb.


Who we are, what we do.

Fife & Kinross Full-Bore Rifle Club meets at Blairadam Range located between Kelty and Kinross. Blairadam Range is privately run by an Association of local Shooting Clubs. Blairadam Range has been in virtual continual use since 1876. The Club goes back to 1946 with links to the original Full-Bore Target Rifle Shooting Associations within the surrounding Region.

Each shoot is part of one of the Club's annual competitions. Club members shoot TR, TR-F, F-Tr and F-Open disciplines.TR & TR-F are detailed and controlled by the NRA, but briefly TR is 'metal sights in .308Win or .223Rem calibre, sling supported'; TR-F allows a scope and bipod'; F-Open allows any calibre, rifle support etc. Tr/F & F/Tr differ in whether to use the larger NRA target or the smaller F target

The F in F-Class comes from Farquharson originating from Saskatchewan Canada.
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